Being emotionless is not the goal

It's how you judge them that matters.

The quality of a good character doesn't lie in not feeling external pain, not feeling emotions, not feeling when bad external things happen to us.

Instead, it's about translating and “judging” the emotions, feelings, and natural movements of the soul in a way that is morally good and rational.

Only a psychopath could be indifferent about losing a loved one or about millions of people dying in COVID all over the world.

It’s how you translate those emotions.

Life runs its course and some things in life will necessarily create negative feelings and impulses. What makes the difference is judging those feelings correctly and putting them into the right framework.

When things are not under our control, they are indifferent. We don't care, we don’t judge. When things are our control, we take the correct action. We think the right thoughts. We act like we should, in the present.