We never want to be wrong

Don't create yourself a false reality that is convenient to live in.

We never want to be wrong. We never want to make mistakes.

When someone brings out your mistake, the natural instinct is to fight. To protect yourself from the accusation. To guard yourself against the chance that you might be wrong.

Your natural self is encouraging you to lie to yourself. It wants you to create a false reality. A reality where we are never wrong and you never make mistakes.

What a scary place to be!

If you don’t see reality, what do you see?

You see a distorted world that you have created for yourself to feel safe, to feel comfortable, to feel right.

Admitting your weaknesses is hard. But how can you become better if you don't know what you need to improve?

To know your mistakes, you have to understand reality. You have to find out the uncomfortable truth.

If the truth is that you are lazy, accept it. Fix your mistake or find a spot in life where it does not matter. Admitting your mistakes is not surrendering to them. It’s the first step towards fixing them.

There’s no better aim in life than understanding truth and reality.

This is the path to becoming better.